Bushido XL is a complete male enhancement supplement that increases size, performance, and overall stamina. This ancient herbal tonic for men is safe, strong, and has incredibly lasting effects and quality on strength of erections.

This blend is truly an ancient herbal formula revisited to make the most potent stimulant on the market without a prescription. Made from all natural ingredients, Bushido XL has no negative side effects, while individual effects may vary. The package contains 3800mg* of 5 capsules and has a 3 year shelf life. A lot of products require 2 and 3 or more pills daily, our product only requires one. Bushido XL stays active in the body for up to 180 hours after taking.

Only take one pill per 24 hours. Suggested use is as needed.
If penis erects repeatedly or remains erect, drink water to relieve it.

Once only for the privileged, now for the masses. This ancient blend is sure to impress. Take Bushido XL 30 minutes before you desire to have the results that will bring both a smile to her and to you.

Developed by Telesense Inc. (Richmond VA) with Hongwei Bio Research Center, Hongwei Bioengineering Company.  Distributed by, Bushido XL a registered trademark of Bushido XL Inc., an affiliate of Telesense Inc.